DC Labs Summer School Scholarships 2017

Summer School Scholarships - Applications now closed. 

Successful applicants for 2017 will be advised by Friday 9 June

Every year DCLabs runs a Summer Scholarship Programme which runs for nine weeks starting mid-July.  This is our second year of the programme. 

Last year our three excellent students worked on an existing DCLabs project, Gaming Grammar which is a project developed in response to the severe shortage of research- and evidence-based resources for foreign language grammar teaching and learning for primary school learners (age 8-11).

This year, we are excited to offer places on five projects with the potential to make significant impact and considerably enhance your C.V. 

The dates for this year's Summer School are 10 July - 8 September 2017. 

The Summer School projects

This summer we are offering places on the following projects:

  • A Stealth Game For Visualising Artificial Intelligence
  • Augmenting Hearthstone Broadcasts with Real-Time Prediction and Move Explanations
  • A Personalised Interactive Documentary about Data Ethics
  • Interactive promotional video to illustrate interactive storytelling
  • Mapping Mixed-Initiative Creative Interfaces: How Can Humans and AI Collaborate in Creative Practice?


All students who are committed to a course of study at undergraduate or Masters level in the following year are eligible.

It is important to consider that you must be available to undertake the entire 9 week Summer School programme; Monday 10 July - Friday 8 September 2017

Scholarship information

The scholarships carry a tax-free stipend and financial assistance will be given for travel expenses to and from York. Accommodation for successful students is available on the University of York Campus

How to Apply

Interested in applying? To apply you need to provide, as one PDF document:

  1. Your CV (maximum of 2 pages)
  2. A brief personal statement (maximum of 1 page) including:
    • Which project(s) and/or which role(s) in (a) group project(s) you are interested in (as many as you like but in preference order)
    • Your reasons for applying
    • Your academic interest
    • Your future aspirations
  3. A full written academic reference (not just contact details). Your application will not be accepted without this reference (maximum of 1 page).

Send these via e-mail as one PDF document to enquiries@digitalcreativity.ac.uk Please note that your information will be made freely available to potential supervisors at the University of York and that by applying you consent to this.

If your referee would prefer to send the reference separately, they can do so to the email address above but we ask you to co-ordinate with your referee to ensure that the application and reference arrive more or less together. We cannot consider applications that are incomplete after the deadline has passed.

Closing date

 Summer School Scholarships - Applications now closed

Successful applicants for 2017 will be advised by Friday 9 June