Develop 2017

9:30am, Tue 11th July - 4:45pm, Thu 13th July


DC Labs and IGGI (our sister PhD programme) will have a team at the Develop:Brighton Conference from 11 - 14 July. Develop is a leading conference in the games development calendar and we'll be there to talk about how our technology can help the games industry.

Dr Sam Devlin will be showcasing his research with a talk about how to make artificial intelligence more fun and humanlike in games and we'll have demos and plenty of people around to talk about our work on our stand in the exhibition. 

Sam's talk, entitled "Capturing, Analysing and Imitating Emergent Playstyles in a leading Mobile Card Game" will cover his research on the use of Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) in games.

While MCTS has repeatedly been shown to be capable of creating strong game playing opponents, the emergent playstyle of agents using MCTS is not necessarily human-like, believable or enjoyable. In collaboration with AI Factory, we collected gameplay data from 27,592 games and showed that the playstyle of human players significantly differed from that of the non-player characters. Sam will talk about the work we've done to create Spades playing agents that emulate human play whilst maintaining a strong, competitive performance.

If you're at Develop please come and say Hi. We're on stand B22 and will have people from both centres around the conference.