Dr Sam Devlin

Department of Computer Science
University of York

After completing a PhD in Multi-Agent Reinforcement learning at the University of York, Sam joined the DC Labs precursor project New Economic Models and Opportunities for digital Games (NEMOG), looking at the potential value which can be achieved from analysing data in games.

Sam's understanding of the use of games to motivate and engage, and the opportunities available through data analytics fed into work with Science City York which resulted in the Innovate UK funded GAMBIT project (GAMification for Better living in the cities by Influencing Tourist Behaviour)

Sam is the industry liaison for The Centre for Intelligent Games and Game Intelligence (IGGI), where he helps to establish links between our PhD students and games industry partners for internships and co-creating research questions.

Within DC Labs Sam is focussed on applying his knowledge of machine learning, artificial intelligence and game data analytics to develop new tools and techniques for controlling autonomous agents in commercial digital games. He also collaborates widely across projects within the DC Labs on projects requiring machine learning or data analytics.