Brooke Leave Home: Preparing an Interactive Film for Release (Summer School 2019)

Brooke Leave Home is an interactive film designed to engage viewers with open data relating to the support young adults receive when leaving the care system in England. The film draws upon a range of data-driven narrative structures and techniques to present each viewer with personalized open data about the support care leavers receive in their own local authority area. In doing so, the film intends to highlight the current levels of inequality experienced by care leavers as a result of the geographic location. 

Brooke Leave Home was developed as part of the Perspective Media Project, with core filmmaking taking place during last year’s DC Labs Summer School. The production of the film has been a great success, and is now being used in closed studies with audience members and professional filmmakers that explore how effective these structures and techniques are in aiding viewers to understand the open data included and its meaning in the context of the film's topic.

In the next stage of the project, we plan to release the film publically. We believe that the public release of the film could enhance the rigour and impact of our research by a) allowing for analysis with a much larger audience and b) and by making it available to influencing filmmakers and other stakeholders who may wish to commission and develop similar content (in collaboration with us and independently).

However, before we can release the film we need to conduct the following tasks:

  • Audio and visual post-production: While the film is in a complete enough state for analysis, additional audio and visual production is required to bring it to the required level for public release (e.g. colour grading, mixing).
  • Minor design iterations: While we do not anticipate the need to perform significant modifications to the film for release, we anticipate that there will be a number of smaller modifications to the film that we’ll want to make following from the study data. 
  • Update grant data: Data about setting up home grants in the film is based on research conducted by the Care Leavers’ Foundation in 2011. This data has been sufficient to illustrate our film concept in the prototype and analysis stage, but we need to ensure it is up to date for public release. 

The successful candidate would perform these tasks and conduct initial publicity for the film’s release (e.g. to the iDocs community, via MIT Docubase).  

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Shauna Concannon or Jonathan Hook for more information.

Required skills

  • [Essential] Experience of film post-production, including editing, colour grading, audio mixing
  • [Essential] Familiarity with Microsoft Excel for data processing
  • [Desirable] Basic understanding of HTML, JavaScript and CSS

How to apply

For more details on the summer school application process (including eligibility and funding) please see the overview page here.


Jonathan Hook
Shauna Concannon