Cutting Room

Researchers and software developers at DC Labs have pioneered an Object Based Media tool known as ‘Cutting Room’ which showcases a new form of non-linear video storytelling.

Over the past decade there has been a massive shift in the way that audiences watch television, with a large amount of content now streamed online. This transition has opened up opportunities for how broadcasting is delivered. 

Rather than a traditional ‘one size fits all’ approach to filmmaking where the editing takes place prior to release, Cutting Room enables editing to take place whilst the viewer is watching the film. 

Algorithmically tailored to each viewer, Cutting Room responds to personal choices. No two voices or vantage points need be the same and the direction of the film is controlled by the viewer, in real time.

This means that the viewer can influence the length and direction of the film based on their personal preferences. It can also enable filmmakers to edit interactive stories that adapt based on the data that is now readily available online. 

With a prototype tested extensively among the filmmaking community, the latest development to Cutting Room involves the transition to ‘Unity’, a game engine used to build cutting edge real time 3D and 2D experiences.

The technology enables filmmakers to author and test their narratives, importing high resolution media and creating visual elements which viewers can interact with. Once they are happy with their production, it can then easily be deployed to a number of platforms where it can be enjoyed by viewers either at home or on the go.