Mapping Mixed-Initiative Creative Interfaces: How Can Humans and AI Collaborate in Creative Practice? (Summer School 2019)

As part of the current bloom of artificial intelligence, we are seeing the rise of ‘creative AI’ – artificial intelligence that produces or supports creative work like making games, writing prose, composing music, or editing films. A particularly novel and interesting approach in this field are so-called Mixed-Initiative Creative Interfaces or MICIs (Deterding et al., 2017). Rather than human creators using computers as a tool, or computers acting as creators on their own, in MICIs, human and AI engage in a creative dialogue, taking turns constraining, suggesting, producing, modifying, selecting, and evaluating creative outputs. 

Examples are systems like TANAGRA, where a human game designer suggests a rough draft of a game level, and the AI produces a detailed game map, automatically analyses whether the map is actually playable, and if not, suggests edits. Beyond games, we find MICIs in product and web design, painting, music, writing and story creation, film editing, etc.

The goal of this project is to map the design space of how humans and AI can collaborate in a creative endeavor. Using standard taxonomies of creative practices (framing, ideating, selecting, assessing, modifying, ...), you will collect existing MICI systems across domains (games, visual art, ...) and build a digital map which kinds of collaboration have already been realised in which domains and which therefore remain underexplored. To do so, you will:

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Jonathan Hook or Sebastian Deterding for more information.

Required skills

  • [Essential] experience of carrying out a systematic literature review, involving searching, filtering, and coding literature
  • [Desirable] experience of building a web collection using existing open source frameworks like

How to apply

For more details on the summer school application process (including eligibility and funding) please see the overview page here.


Sebastian Deterding
Jonathan Hook

Further reading

Deterding, C. S., Hook, J. D., Fiebrink, R., Gow, J., Akten, M., Smith, G., ... & Compton, K. (2017). Mixed-Initiative Creative Interfaces. In Proceedings of CHI 2017 Extended Abstracts. ACM.