UPDATE: POSTPONED DC Labs Summer School Scholarships 2020

** We are very sorry to advise that due to COVID-19 we are postponing this year's Summer School**

However, we are keeping the projects live and if you are interested in any of the proposals, please email enquiries@digitalcreativity.ac.uk with your contact details.  Once we are up and running normally again, we hope to be able to run the projects at a later date so will reach out to anyone who registered their interest.

We look forward to receiving your emails but in the meantime, PLEASE STAY AT HOME.


Now in its fifth year, the annual DC Labs Summer Scholarship Programme is an exciting opportunity to work with researchers, designers, and students across the UK at the cutting edge of digital creativity for nine weeks. This year's Summer School will run from 13 July - 11 September 2020.

Apply now for this excellent opportunity to test and expand your skills, build new friendships, make an impact, and experience a proper Yorkshire welcome, all within the buzzing surroundings of DC Labs.

The Projects

This summer we are offering places on projects looking at the following topics:

  1. Using interactive film tools to affect lighting and animatronics
  2. Create an interactive walking tour app
  3. Create a game to measure how people pay attention
  4. Develop a proof-of-concept game for those with significant accessibility needs
  5. Measure how music can affect emotional states and create proof of concept software
  6. Survey developers and players on ethical issues in games
  7. Create a genealogy of design elements in gamification
  8. Map the design space of how humans and AI can collaborate in a creative way
  9. Systematic literature review & industry survey on difficulty and skill balance
  10. Create a PCG system for Super Mario Bros that can balance difficulty with produced level sequences
  11. Compare tree location on Ordnance Survey maps from C19, then develop and train a neural network
  12. Perceptions of horseracing; Survey and review feedback of racegoers and the need for digital enhancements


All students who are committed to a course of study in the following year are eligible.  This constitutes either a continuing undergraduate programme or an offer for a Masters or a PhD has been given and accepted by the time applications have closed.  If you are in any doubt, please contact  enquiries@digitalcreativity.ac.uk


Scholarship information

The scholarships are paid in line with EPSRC rates equating to an hourly rate of £8.72 for a 35-hour week.  Accommodation for the duration of the Summer School is provided on Campus East as part of the Scholarship at a nominal charge of c.£60 per week.

How to Register your interest

Please email enquiries@digitalcreativity.ac.uk with your name and the projects you would be interested in, if we run them at some point in the future.