Biology: The Card Game

Design a Collectible Card Game That Teaches Undergraduate Biology

Undergraduate biology students have difficulty revising, retaining, and building a mental model of the connections of basic animal and plant biology – a 30 credit module at the University of York.

This project will turn the concepts of that course into a collectable card game, with ‘boosters’ acquired over the course of the term, whose gameplay will help understand and reinforce concept relations and motivate students to engage with the module over the whole term.

Required Skills

There are up to 2 places available on this project.  

  • Role 1 [Essential] a (board and card) game design background for game design and playtesting and [Desirable] Graphic Design skills
  • Role 2 [Essential] Graphic Design skills.

How to Apply

For more details on the summer school application process (including eligibility and funding) please see the overview page: here


Pen Holland, Department of Biology

Sebastian Deterding

Ben Kirman

Florian Block