Perspective Media

Producing a Data-Driven Interactive Film

Perspective Media: Personalised Video Storytelling for Data Engagement is an EPSRC funded research project exploring how personalized, interactive video stories can provide accessible, informative and pleasurable ways for the public to engage with the increasing amounts of data that exist about us in modern society.

As an example, imagine a documentary film about climate change that uses a personalised narrative structure and graphics based on data from your smart meter to show specific and achievable ways to improve your carbon footprint.

A major component of the project’s work plan is the production of a data-driven interactive film. The production will showcase approaches for telling personalized stories about, and with, viewer data developed in the project. It will also be used as the subject of study for evaluations of production processes, tools and viewer experience.

We are looking for two outstanding interns to take a leading role in supporting the production of this film. We seek one intern with experience in Film and Television production to support the planning, creation and post-production of video and audio content. We seek a second intern with experience in HTML5 and Javascript development to support the implementation of the film’s interactive elements, and support video production in a crewing capacity.

As a successful candidate, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with notable industry partners – including the BBC, Open Data Institute, Digital Catapult and BAFTA-winning immersive media producer Catherine Allen – to create a truly innovative production. The film will be released on the BBC’s Taster platform, providing a high profile addition to your portfolio.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Shauna Concannon ( for more information.

Required Skills

Film Production Intern

  • [Essential] Experience of all stages of a digital video production workflow including: planning, shooting and post production
  • [Essential] An open mind towards, and passion to learn, techniques for interactive video storytelling
  • [Desirable] Experience of performing creative roles in the development of video content (e.g. writing, storyboarding)


Interactive Media Production Intern

  • [Essential] Experience of designing and implementing interactive websites in HTML5 and Javascript
  • [Desirable] Experience of Node.js and React
  • [Desirable] Experience of video production


How to Apply

For more details on the summer school application process (including eligibility and funding) please see the overview page: here


Jon Hook

Shauna Concannon